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Zomerkamp 2004 Novosedly, Tsjechië

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Strakonice Newspaper, 15 July 2004 Translated by Vlasta Travnickova

Seven scouts built their camp on formar shooting-range near Novosedly

Seven scouts from the Dutch IJsselstein and six boys from the institute of social care in Osek started their camp a few days ago in the area of the formal shooting range near Novosedly. The scouts came to Czech Republic for an 11 day long camp and the Osek boys for three days more. The Collective camp is a part of the twinning between Strakonice and IJsselstein which runs for a few years already.

Campers sleep on the hill behind the village in the tents with wooden podsada (=bottom). The building there is a kitchen, dinning room and storage room in one. 4 girls and 3 boys from the Netherlands use the kitchen in the evening while their friends from Osek in the afternoon, when they cook lunch.

"I like it here. Everything in Holland is flat, here you have a nice view over the area around. Only the weather isn't very nice" Looking at the sky says 17 year old Jessica.

Dutch scouts came to Czech Republic, in fakt to Strakonice for the 3th time. 2 years ago a group of 10 older scouts visited South Bohemia, last year 3 kids participated at a 3 day camp. "We are here for the first time for a longer stay. People are friendlier here and its not as messy here" says the head leader Wim.

The Scouts were canoeing on the river Otava from Susice to Katovice, Visited Cesky Krumlov and the Local Brewery. They also went to Klet hill with the observatory and saw the Strakonice Brewery. There was time for climbing as well. "Last year I was climbing in Belgium, but its more difficult here." Says Jessica, thinking of rocks in Cernetice.

The Scouts built their camp in nontraditional way which they are real masters in. Instead of needles they use special bounding technique which they bound single parts together with.

Last year on the World Jamboree in Thailand we built a tower of 65 meters high by bounding." Recalls 16 year old Yorick and makes a not on the camp tower.

Friendship between Strakonice and IJsselstein rised 10 years ago. Since then a few official and friendly exchanges were made. The Dutch scouts will come to South Bohemia next year in April again.


16 year old scout Yorick from dutch IJsselstein is bounding a beam to a pole with a special knot.